Wednesday, 29 August 2012

the watch

typical ben stiller's comedy :: too much four-letter words, too much dirty scene.
but if you're a fan of ben stiller's comedy, don't forget to catch "the watch"
some people will enjoyed it but some might not. 
there were hilarious parts that makes you laughing out loud, but there also parts that makes you think how sick they are because producing this kind of movie.

this movie rated 18pl. duration around 110 minutes.
thanks to 8tv nitelive & nuffnang for the free passes :)

to kill the aliens: by shooting their "private part" because it is where their brain located. 
and all the aliens are male.

interested?? this movie open in cinema 30th August 2012


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Falsya said...

Suke sgt ben stiller punye cite...semua kelakar2..harus tgk nieh..hehe.l