Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises :: BEST movie of the year!!!

i was lucky to be chosen as one of the winner by P1 to join the premier screening of The Dark Knight Rises. It was an amazing experiences to watch the best movie of 2012. perfects movie i should say. i never being a fan of batman franchise before but this movie totally change my perspectives. unluckily this is the last batman movie directed by christoper nolan. 

and goodie bag full of awesome stuff. 

a mug, mini speaker, foldable travel bag, computer kit (mouse, etc) cap, t-shirt, and non-woven bag.

overall, this movie is worth your every cents. go watch and experience the superb action. and this guy makes me nervous. i just don't know why...

credit to google.

bare in mind, when you watch this movie, expect the unexpected!

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