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it's time to polish my writing skills (please ignore my grammatical error) and this is just my 2 cents.

"Rich Blogger: Fact or Fiction?"


Own a blog is such a huge phenomenon right now. Doesn’t matter you are a student, a worker, involved in political, or hold whatever position, you can have your own blog. Once you have a blog, you directly referring as blogger and you can blogs about almost everything.

Back to the topic of discussion, to clarify either rich blogger is a fact or fiction; we must explore the definition of RICH itself. How rich is rich?? This is how we can determine either it is fact or just a fiction.

A blogger become rich is something that we rarely heard. The reason so is basically on how you generate the income. For sure by joining advertisement provider such as nuffnang, and etc. and this depends on number of follower and traffic on your blogs. And to gain such a huge follower and traffic is not a small deal. Your dedication and hard works plays a big role. In this case, rich blogger is fiction.  

Unless you utilize your blog is one of your marketing strategies to promote your products or services, then the potential for you to become rich is very optimistic. Here we can conclude that rich blogger is a fact.

For those who just started to blog, take it as an opportunity to earn something. Even it’s not moneywise, you still creating good environment for yourself and having fun with it.


eqbalzack said...

terima kasih join contest bulanan abg eq. abg dah linkkan kat blog.
nanti send abg eq details via form kat CONTACT di blog abg eq. bg alamat sebab abg eq nak pos button. peserta lain abg eq dah poskan...

Ismi Azraf said...

Jalan-jalan di sini.

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