Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Nuffnang Celebrates Blog Day

This is the best opportunity for me to show my appreciation to the blogs that inspired me to become part of bloggers as well as nuffnanger.

  1. Bududanbelacan - this blog belongs to  Sue Anna Joe. I really loves her creativity. the way she expressed herself especially through her self-potrait. She's very talented and her some of her work has been recognized by Malaysia's film industry. She's great.
  2. Perempuan Jomblo - This blog belongs to Ladynoe. i like the way she put her thought. For me she's very staright forward. Her blog is in my must-read lists. she even has another blog to capture every moments of her journey to her wedding day. The blog helps many people to do preparation for their special day.
  3. Suicidepark -  This blogs belong to anoneemus. She's a good writer. The way she gave a message through her write is very unique. Form her blog, we can know she such a brilliant person.
  4. Miles of Smiles - Mama Zharfan inspires me to try new things with blog, by participate in Giveaway organized by blogger. I do amazed by her achivement in winning most of the contests she took part. 
  5. Model-80an - Mom to well-known blogger, Hanis Zalikha. Puan Nani is such a wonderful person. She's very courageous women. She do almost everything. The way she handle her busy life inspires me to be a good women and wife. She is supermom.
  6. Macham iz punye - She cute and funny. She makes her study life enjoyable. She soon to become a lawyer. Go Izdiyani!!

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