Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The meaning of make up to me | Naru First Giveaway

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the meaning of make up to me??
honestly, i'm not good at applying make up.
of course every women loves to look good, being confident with their look.

for me, i love make up but my working environment has limited my abilities to stay gorgeous with make up on. working in a laboratory and i have to put face mask on!! end up all my blusher, my bb cream, my foundation stick on that face mask. sometimes i do felt frustration especially when my colleague at the office wear fancy clothes and put their make up on.

only during weekend i managed to "melawa" a bit and i am definitely happy!!! make up is important for us: a girl, women. it boost our confident level. who doesn't like to look good?? with make up, you can stay gorgeous but one thing for sure, 

true beauty comes from within :)

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narumi sakura said...

nice entry..i like ur description..thnks join the giveaway :)..